Personal Blogging – How it Changed

Humans are blessed with written expressional capabilities. It is the need to express and share your views with the world that gave birth to Web Log or Blogging. It all started way back in the end of 1990. Initially the growth was bit slower but gradually the ultimate need for expression and sharing lead to the success of blogging. Peter Merholz coined the term “blog” which is nothing but the contraction of two words “Web” and “Log”.


Image Source: Pixabay

Blogging found its way from personal diary writing to great marketing tools and today blogging has also been used for commercial and business purposes. But personal blogging is something which is very popular and a great source of sharing content over internet. You express yourself, your feelings, your beliefs, your perceptions and in comments you get the point of view of your readers. You can have a separate blog webpage or you can blog at somebody else’s website with permissions. Any movement any revolution can be started using blogs. The number of likes or dislikes and active participation and comments provides you an idea of what the rest of the world thinks about your opinion. It’s a learning circle where you can start a thread on a subject and people join you by commenting and re-commenting. You can blog i.e. write whatever is on your mind , when you are happy or even when you are sad or actually because you just want to share it, irrespective of the mood.

But when we write something over net it is our moral responsibility that we should keep everybody’s sentiments too. Though you are free to express but as responsible citizens and above all as compassionate human beings we should keep the readers in mind. Internet is a cheap and effective source of communication and it should be used with responsibility. Personal Blogging gives you a community of like-minded people which brings together all the connected people under one roof. It is simple and effective. All you need is internet access and a zest of expression!


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