Computers- An essential part in everyone’s life

Computer is becoming the part and parcel of everyone’s life and thus there is an escalating demand for candidates possessing computer skills. The era of Information Technology has brought a revolution in the entire planet and India that has stood to the world for its skilled IT professionals. There is no dearth of career options to specialize in for those who wish to pursue a computer career. The demand for computer field may vary from time to time, and you have to decide on a specialization that is presently hot and match with your skills and qualification.

Ensuring a bright future with CMC

CMC is a name that is well known all over asa one to beat when it comes to providing IT solutions and services.CMC careers offer you an opportunity to engross yourself in diverse projects and be exposed to a fast evolving work environment. These career options help you to find out a gratifying future, by allowing you to work in a mutual background that develops your career.  With the aim of discovering a good employment in the computer industry, the candidate must possess the required qualifications and necessary skills demanded by that particular job post.

Some of the hottest computer careers are:


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Network Administrator

One of the most sought after career option in this field is that of a network administrator. His main task is to offer resources to every computer that is connected in a certain network. He is also responsible to take safety measures so as to prevent the infiltration of network and make sure that corrupt resources do not have any access to the network. All that is required is to have a  Bachelor’s degree in computer science or systems science, and a certification in the field to make a bright future in the field of computer technology.

Computer Programmer

There are numerous areas like manufacturing facilities, trade companies, engineering plants, hospitals, educational institutions, government offices, and others where a software programmer can find good jobs. The main responsibility of a software programmer is to write commands to facilitate computers to process information. This task is also known as software development. However, in order to be a good computer programmer, the candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or mathematics along with a broad understanding of programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, and others.

Software Tester

The software tester as suggested by the name is responsible for evaluating different types of software performance and recognizing bugs in programs. The candidates aspiring to work as a software ester must have a Bachelor’s degree. The individual can expect a salary of about $65,000 a year.

Computer Security Specialist

Computer security also acknowledged as information security specialists are entrusted with the responsibility of controlling access to computer networks and safeguarding significant information. They are appointed by business groups, government organizations, and educational establishment. In order to be a proficient computer security specialist, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, over and above a superior understanding of networking technologies and computer programming.


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