5 Tips To Increase Facebook Likes For Fan Pages

Each and every internet user does have a Facebook account these days. Facebook Pages are created for many reasons these days. But in the Point of view of bloggers, they are created to increase traffic from Facebook.

Facebook pages also help bloggers in creating a friendly environment between blogger and site visitors. It will help to increase trusted Followers of your blog. Creating a Facebook pages for your blog is always a great idea.

But these days I’ve seen many people struggling hard to increase Facebook likes for their Facebook Fan Pages. Even many people are buying likes from other resources. Many free sites are there to provide some fake likes for your page by using your “access Token” But Facebook security is now able to trace out all such pages and it is Un-publishing those pages which are involved in fake liking activities.

So, I recommend you not buy or use any sort of ways to get fake likes for your Facebook pages, instead you can get liked by following some good strategies. Here is the list of top 5 ways to increase likes for your Facebook pages.
Follow all the mentioned tips and I am pretty sure that these tips will help your Facebook page to increase likes in short period of time.


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Promoting on Groups:

Facebook Groups are good place to drag the attention of Facebook users. By posting your page links over there you can make many others to know about your page. First search for Some Big Facebook pages with good amount of active users in it. Instead of just posting a link you can even post an image with link in the description. So that image can drag attention of many users than a simple link

Note: – Don’t over Promote on any other group. Just post your links twice a week with good content. If you spam too much in the groups, it may result in getting banned by admin from the group.

Posting Frequently:

Update your page regularly with some unique and interesting stuff. Also try to add some hilarious images to attract and make others to like your page. These days all the updates from the Facebook are not getting shown in the updates for the Facebook page likers..!

Only very few percentage of the people will be able to see your posts on their updates. So, posting frequently will allow maximum people to see your updates.

Exchanging Links:

Check for the Pages related to your niche and ask them to share your links and posts on their pages and share their links on your pages..!

This will let your posts to get exposed to new Facebook users and it will help you to get some likes.

Providing “Sharable” Content:

“Sharable content” in the sense, the post (image, video or status) that you do on your Facebook page should make your page followers to share it. That will help your page to get exposed to maximum Number of Facebook users.

Ask Questions:

Create Polls on your pages on some interesting and trending stuff..!

At least try to ask a Question each week. Make sure that those questions should be in Unique and interesting way, so that maximum people should answer those questions.


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