A Comparative Study Of Windows 10 Vs. Windows 7

The release of the latest operating system of the windows 10 is being looked forward to with much eagerness. The official introduction is slated on the 26th of October. The consumer preview was released in the month of February. With its release, the market was in for quite a bit of startle.

Absence of the Startup Button:

With download exceeding well over a million, in less than a day’s time; the users could come across a fair share of interesting features. One of the leading features of interest revolves around the replacement featuring the startup menu. It happened to be a part and parcel of the previous system of Windows 7. But the startup tab has been got rid of, and the newly done up start screen doesn’t include it. Ever since the days of the Windows 95, the system is being introduced without a startup button, for the very first time.


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Metro Interface:

By hitting the screen’s left corner located down below, you are in for an interaction with the leading interface. It has been given the name of Metro interface. The interface happens to be tile faced and reflects marked improvisation over the preceding version. The interface replete with different applications is somewhat similar to the ones donning the Windows phones. It can prove to be pretty puzzling, but once you get used to the same, navigating through it will not be a big deal.

Better Documentation:

To go by the previews released, the scheme seems to be lot smoother than what it was before. The documentation of the operating system makes for the necessary difference in speed. The Windows 10 reflects a swift transition from the PC oriented system to modes based on cloud connection.

Comparison between the Two Systems of Operation:

As far as the schemes of operation are concerned both the systems of 7 and 10 can be compared on the basis of the following parameters. The facets of booting, shutting down, copying, encoding, gaming and browsing need to be taken as the parameters of comparison. Soon after the release of the consumer preview, some evaluations were conducted, on the basis of the aforementioned parameters. First and foremost, there was a significant reduction in the time taken for booting. When compared to the preceding version, the time fell by 33%. This obviously creates grounds for an enhanced prospect of loading. Similar enhancement is to be found with regard to the time taken for shutting down. The three dimensional graphic performance doesn’t really show marked improvement. Rather, in this regard both the 7th and the yet to be launched 10th version are as good as the other.

Windows 10 is supposed to be on the forefront of glory with respect of its multimedia features. The operating system ensures faster multimedia performance. It has been found to be swifter than the Windows 7 by almost 7 to 9%. The test quotient with regard to the role and influence of the browser has been found to be equally effective, with Chrome as well as Firefox piling up a huge lead.


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