Top 10 Image Editing Softwares

There are a lot of different types of software that are available that can be used for editing pictures and adding different effects and modifications.

1. Adobe Photoshop:

It is one of the finest software that can be used to edit images in a lot of different ways. There are various tools as you can cut part of the pictures, paste it into different layouts, merge pictures and play with a lot of different effects and colors. You can change the tone of your picture and add new dimensions to the images. With smart use of Photoshop, you can edit pictures in one of the most amazing way.

2. Photostudio:

It is windows based software that is loaded with some of the most advanced picture editing tools. You would be able to enjoy a lot of advanced features as you can apply filters, cut specific image parts and paste them on different layouts and enjoy other functions as well.

3. Picasa 3.5:

It is yet another free application that is used profoundly as a photo editing software. Picasa is one of the most commonly used photo viewer and you would be able to design collages, layouts, edit pictures, add texts, make powerful slideshows and add different effects on your pictures.


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4. Visual LightBox:

It is a free program that helps you in dragging your pictures and making amazing web layouts that are creative and looks appealing as well. You do not have to be equipped with the coding efforts as all you need to do is drag the pictures and enjoy powerful web layouts.

5. Fotoflexer:

It is one of the finest editing software as it is a web based application that is loaded with a lot of different types of features. It is a free application, however, users are asking for more functions and features in this application.


It is a powerful photo editing application that is loaded with a wide variety of different facilities. You can edit your images, color them with various effects, add clip arts and add poster effects as well. It is compatible on different types of operating systems.

7. PhotoScape:

It is a photo editing software that is extremely popular. You can fix photos, edit them, view them in a slideshow, add different color effects, add animated effects and you can enjoy other facilities as well.

8. Fun Photo Box:

It is an online web application that allows you to use different types of themes and layouts such that you can edit your pictures and give them a comic feel and look. There are a lot of editing backgrounds and themes that you can get from this site and thus share a good laugh.

9. Paint:

This software is present in all computers that work on windows OS. It is one of the most common applications that is used profusely by a lot of people. There are a lot of features that are present in this software and it will help you in editing the pictures and add different colors and texts.

10. Photobie:

It is one of the finest software that can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It is easy to use so amateurs can easily apply the edits effectively. Also, professionals would be able to enjoy advanced functions as well.


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