7 Excellent Ways To Save Your Data

You will find your computer with good amount of storage capacity but what will happen if one day your computer is under virus attack? I am talking about loss of important files, emails, and pictures etc. which weave your life together. Hence it is essential to find some other means of saving your data, especially for backups and universal availability.

You have two choices; save your data offline or online. Here I will discuss primarily about offline methods of data storage. Without wasting time, let’s begin.

Buy an External hard drive?

If you don’t have a backup drive, what are you waiting for? Go and invest small amount to save yourself in future. External backup drives may cost $50 and up but it is nothing when we compare with our priceless data. We all know prevention is better than cure.


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Purchase disk cloning software

This shareware will take a backup of everything for you on the computer’s hard drive. It makes a mirror copy or a clone of your disk including the data, the programs, operating system and settings. There are some good cloning software(s) available like Norton Ghost, DriveImage etc.

Use online photo storage sites

Make sure you don’t lose your precious family pictures; your baby’s first photo, your graduation ceremony clicks and list is actually endless. There are several free photo storage sites online. You can use one of them to keep a copy of your photos as a backup of your current hardware storage.

Web based Email

If you are still using static email for storing your important emails, switch to web based email. It will free you up from your hardware dependency. Hence in case of any adverse situation like crash, you would not lose your important email data.

Printouts for contact lists

Using paper is discouraged in order to save environment. But that restriction doesn’t suggest prohibition. In fact if everyone on earth uses paper judiciously, we can achieve what we need to save our mother earth. Hence saving a hard copy of your important contacts is no wastage. But yes don’t take print of everything you have on your computer.

Store latest updated data on CDs/ DVDs

As storage space on DVDs/ CDs is comparatively low you can use them to keep a backup for your updated data. You can use RW CDs/ DVDs in case you want to use the same disk every time you update your data.

Take backups frequently

Well the answer should vary according to computer usage. Users using machine heavily may need to take daily backups and less utilization of machine will allow you to take backup less frequently. Set alarms or use automatic backup facilities for emails and other data on your system.

In this article I have not covered much about online methods of saving your data. That I will be covering some other time. But yes you can utilize the information provided in this article and save your data to great extent.


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